Международный турнир звезд футбола
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О "Кубке Легенд"


"Heroes of the past, Legends of the present" - the motto of one of the most exciting football tournaments among the players not younger than 35 years, who until quite recently delighted fans with their game in European and Russian top clubs. Despite the fact that the participants of 
the tournament no longer take part in official matches for professional clubs, Legends Cup games are always spectacular and dynamic, what does not let to get board the audience not on tribunes not in font of TV's.




Legends Cup - an exclusive football project on the Russian space, where participate footballers who have recently completed their professional career. 


Similar matches among veterans have always had heightened interest among audience older than 30 years. Such matches allow fans to have another look at those players who continue to be their idols.


A six-year history of the "Legends Cup" has dozens of bright and memorable matches, which were presented to Russian fans by famous  former foreign footballers such as Luigi Di Biagio, Fabio Cannavaro, Fredi Bobic, Aldair, Gennaro Gattuso, Ronald de Boer, Pauleta, Angelo Peruzzi, Fernando Couto and many others. Eusebio, Ruud Gullit, Bebeto visited the tournament as honorable guests. 


But strongest of all for the past five years have been the Russian national team, formed of the most brilliant Russian players. Dmitry Alenichev, Alexander Filimonov, Egor Titov, Dmitry Loskov, Ahrik Tsveiba, Valery Karpin, Sergey Kiryakov, Alexei Smertin, Viktor Onopko - all these players over the years have participated in 'Legends Cup'.


Every year the "Legends Cup" is gaining momentum due to world football stars. In 2013 famous defender Fabio Cannavaro participated in the tournament, in 2014 star cast of the  "Legends Cup" replenished with one more world champion - Gennaro Gattuso.




  - The Legends’ Cup is the competition organised for the 7th time in 2015, participants shall not be younger than 35 years old


 -The match lasts 40 minutes (2 period 20 minutes each)


 - Each team shall consist of 5 field players and one goalkeeper


 - The competition will take place in Small Sports Arena of the Olympic Complex Luzhniki (capacity 8700 seats). Small Sports Arena is a universal sports facility used for organising different events, lightning and sound facilities are in accordance with all top level world requirements.


 - The playing area (48mx24m) is surrounded by boards. The goal height is 2m, width 5m.


 - Every match is judges by one Referees


 - The rules are a mixed combination of football and futsal games rules.


 - The player who got 1 red or 2 yellow cards in one match is withdrawn from the game with the possibility of substitution in 3 minutes penalty period.


 - The number of participating teams – 6. First day of the tournament is a group stage.


 - The teams play a round tour inside the group: for the victory the team is awarded 3 points, for the draw – 1 point, for the loss – 0 points. In case of equal number of points scoring in matches between the teams will be taken into account, number of victories, differences in goals scored and missed, number of goals. In case after this the teams are still tied then the ranking is defined by draw.


 - Second day of tournament is the day for the matches between the groups: for 5-6 places, for 3-4 places and the Final.


 - In case of a draw in the Final match the winner is defined in the series of penalty kicks (five each team), then until the first loss.