Международный турнир звезд футбола

On the 18-19 February in DC "Megasport", Moscow, will be hosted an international football tournament "Legends Cup" named after Konstantin Eremenko.
Format of "Legends Cup" will remain as previous years: all teams will have in their squads legends of over 35-years old, having played for their national teams of own countries.
The tournament will bring together six teams: Russia, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Germany and All Stars Team.
"Legends Cup" drawing took place in Moscow, on the 31st January.
Group A: Russia, Netherlands, All Stars Team
Group B: Germany, Portugal, Italia
Match schedule (18 February)
12:00 Russia - Netherlands
13:00 Italia – Portugal
14:00 Opening Ceremony
15:00 All Stars Team - Russia
16:00 Germany - Italy
17:00 Netherlands – All Stars Team
18:00 Portugal - Germany
Match schedule (19 February): 
14:30 5-6 places match
15:30 Bronze Final
16:30 Final
17:15 Closing ceremony


Legends Cup story

The Legends Cup brand was born in 2009. That year marked the appearance of the first ever tournament fully financed and successfully held by Newsport Company. It was much appreciated by the fans, received positive feedback from the Russian media and a year later obtained support from Moscow Government. The year 2014 saw Legends Cup becoming a traditional Moscow sports event. This status was granted by Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin.


In 2011 the Legends Cup tournament was named after Konstantin Eremenko. The Russian and international mini-football star was among those who had given birth to Legends Cup back in 2008. Russia-2 TV channel is tournament’s host-broadcaster starting from 2013 and it airs live all Russian team games. The Legends Cup tournament is currently held at Luzhniki Small Sports Arena. Until 2014 its home was at Megasport Arena.


Newsport Company and Moscow Government are currently the only parties responsible for organizing the Legends Cup tournament. All commercial rights belong to Newsport Company. The annual event is carried out with the support of Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, Russian Football Union and is patronized by United Russia political party. Its trust Board is headed by Boris Gryzlov.


The event’s slogan «Heroes of the past and legends of the present» crucially underlines the special status of most of its players. It is quite hard to believe that the majority of them have only recently played at top levels. Key national team players, top domestic championships stars, UEFA and Champions League decisive match scorers. It is all about them! Despite the fact that all Legends Cup players are no longer professionals their outstanding football skills are still there. The same applies to their physical shape. As a rule all Legends Cup matches feature plenty of breath-taking episodes and are played at a pretty high speed.




«Continuity of generations» is not a lesser in terms of importance tournament’s slogan. Not only we are aiming to preserve a link between the younger and the older generations but we also intent to popularize active and healthy way of living, impart passion for football. Apparently no-one can do it better than former football stars. During the Legends Cup tournament we honor Soviet football veterans, give away free tickets to young players from various football schools, hold master classes for kids representing social institutions.


Football stars


Legends Cup history counts dozens of exiting and unforgettable matches played by legendary footballers such as Aldair (Brazil), Serginho (Brazil), Jari Litmanen (Finland), Luigi Di Biagio (Italy), Fabio Cannavaro (Italy), Gennaro Gattuso (Italy), Fredi Bobic (Germany), Oliver Neuville (Germany), Ronald de Boer (Holland), Aron Winter (Holland), Pauleta (Spain), Fernando Couto (Portugal).


Eusebio (Portugal), Ruud Gullit (Holland) and Bebeto (Brazil) all visited Moscow as honorary guests.


Russian national team is always in the centre of attention of the local fans. Anticipations are traditionally high and fans await classy style wins with great team combinations, sharp goal passes.


Alexander Filimonov, Dimitry Alenichev, Egor Titov, Dimirty Loskov, Akhric Tsveiba, Valery Karpin, Sergey Kiriakov, Alexei Smertin, Victor Onopko – all these players were part of Russian national team in different years and made their best to fulfill the above-mentioned expectations.


Game rules


All matches are played on artificial surface of a 48×24 indoor pitch with a pair of 5×2 goals. Each national team has to be composed out of at least 12 players and a pitch team includes 5 players and a goalkeeper. A single non-stoppage time game consists of two 20-minute halves and a 5 minute break. The ball never crosses sidelines since they simply do not exist. They are replaced by boards. This rule ensures dynamic and spectacular way of playing.


Tournament format


There are usually six teams competing throughout a given week-end. They are divided in two different preliminary stage groups by standard draw. Therefore, the first tournament day features six group matches and the second day three decisive matches including the final.



Kids program


Various social institution pupils get a unique opportunity to meet legendary players and enhance their football skills during traditional master classes. Players from all national teams become their on-pitch tutors. The idea to hold such type of activity had initially found support from all team representatives and players themselves.


The last Legends Cup 2015 day saw a first ever orphans football tournament. Four teams each lead by a player competed for a newly created trophy. Alexander Shirko, Jari Litmanen, Vincent Candela and Francesco Colonnese teams all deserved to be awarded memorable prizes and cups.


The total number of participating kids is constantly growing. For example, there were only about 20 in 2009 whereas in 2015 there were more than a 1000 and represented 20 social care institutions. 




The accumulated international event experience, established working ties with European federations, friendly partnership relations with numerous football stars all in combination create a solid background for launching a new project.    


Россия — победитель "Кубка Легенд" в 2017 годуРоссия- Чемпион 9-го "Кубка Легенд"

Расписание "Кубка Легенд" 2017Определилось расписание международного футбольного турнира «Кубок Легенд» 2017 года, который пройдет в ДС «Мегаспорт» 18-19 февраля.

Навстречу "Кубку Легенд"

До старта шестого турнира "Кубок Легенд" остается чуть больше трех месяцев. Legends.ru освежает в памяти самые яркие моменты из предыдущих турниров. 

Константин Еременко

18 марта исполнилось ровно три года, как с нами нет легендарного отечественного футболиста - Константина Еременко. Legends.ru вспоминает самые яркие кадры из карьеры Константина.